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    Stay on Track of Your Weight Loss With this Great App!

    Last updated 11 months ago

    When it comes to losing weight, some people need all of the help they can get. The good news is that if you’re trying to drop excess pounds, a steady stream of support may be as close as your smartphone. The Android app My Diet Coach can help you keep track of your eating and tap into your willpower so you can achieve weight loss success.

    The My Diet Coach app has a number of innovative tools to make weight loss easier. Use the craving timer to get a handle on temptation or the motivational photo tool when you need inspiration.

    My Diet Coach can support you as you lose weight with Manhattan Medical Weight Loss. Find out how Dr. Sue G. Decotiis can help you reach your weight loss goals by calling (646) 462-3046 today.

    Foods to Help Curb Your Appetite While Trying to Lose Weight

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Hunger is one of the biggest obstacles many dieters face. If you became accustomed to overeating during your weight gain, the calorie restriction that comes with weight loss plans may leave your stomach rumbling. When you’re hungry, it becomes even harder to resist the temptation of your favorite high-calorie treats. By adding some hunger-busting foods to your diet, however, you can conquer your desire to eat and focus on reaching your target weight. Eat these foods to keep your appetite in check:

    Flaxseeds are great for you and help keep hunger at bay. They’re high in fiber, protein, and omega-3 fats. Studies have shown that eating as little as a tablespoon of flax can keep you feeling fuller longer. Flaxseeds need to be ground to receive the maximum nutritional benefit and should be stored in the freezer. Sprinkle flaxseeds on salad, soup, yogurt, and smoothies.

    Greek Yogurt
    Low in calories and high in calcium, yogurt has long been a staple food for people trying to lose weight. Any kind of yogurt can fit into a weight loss plan, but Greek yogurt is especially good at staving off hunger. It is made by straining traditional yogurt to remove the whey, so that all that is left is a thick, protein-rich treat. Plain Greek yogurt makes a great dip for veggies, or you can add fruits to sweeten it for dessert.

    When you’re on a diet, you might be tempted to stay away from avocados because of their high fat content. However, avocados offer healthy, monounsaturated fats and are extremely filling. They are packed with soluble fiber, which slows digestion to keep you feeling full. Add some to salads and sandwiches or even eat one whole with salt and pepper or a little honey.

    Manhattan weight loss doctor Sue G. Decotiis can help you manage your hunger and all of the other aspects of your weight loss plan so you finally achieve success. Schedule a consultation at our medical weight loss clinic by calling (646) 462-3046.

    Understanding Metabolic Rate

    Last updated 11 months ago

    When you are working toward weight loss, you may hear the term “metabolism” used in the context of your body’s ability to burn calories. Metabolism is defined as the process of turning food into fuel to provide the body with energy for all basic functions. Your metabolic rate is the speed at which this process takes place.

    Throughout your weight loss efforts, you might take steps to increase your metabolic rate so that your body burns more calories and stores fewer of them. You can boost your metabolic rate by changing the foods you eat, getting more physical activity, and using supplements to reduce insulin resistance in your body. As your metabolic rate increases, you will see more weight come off while maintaining a fulfilling daily diet.

    At the medical weight loss practice of Dr. Sue Decotiis, we begin each patient’s program with body composition analysis that includes the measurement of the metabolic rate. This information allows our team to custom-tailor your program to your unique needs so that you are able to lose weight the healthy way. You can find out more about what we have to offer by calling us today at (646) 462-3046.

    The Basics of Body Composition Analysis

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Weight loss is a common goal for American adults, but many people struggle to achieve it on their own. One reason it is so challenging to shed pounds using popular strategies for weight management such as fad diets and regular exercise is that these methods do not take individual body composition into account. Body composition defines how much of your weight is body fat and how this affects your body’s ability to metabolize food. When you seek medical weight loss guidance from Dr. Sue Decotiis, your weight loss program will be based on the results of your Body Composition Analysis (BCA), which will include the following aspects.

    Calculating Body Fat
    Instead of measuring your weight with a standard scale, Dr. Decotiis uses a special scale that breaks down your weight into body fat, muscle, water, and bone. This scale uses bioelectrical impedance to determine the ratio of each of these elements in your total body weight. Measuring your weight this way is a more accurate assessment of your body composition than calculating BMI alone.

    Knowing Your BMR 
    Once there is a clear picture of how much of your body weight can be attributed to fat, the doctor can determine how many calories your body is burning each day, or your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). When it is known how many calories your body is able to burn, a detailed diet and exercise plan can be created for your personal program.

    Custom-tailoring Your Program
    Not only will your BCA help to determine the best foods to include in your diet, but it will also help Dr. Decotiis recommend dietary supplements that can boost your metabolism naturally. Your program may be further customized by any dietary restrictions you have such as lactose or gluten intolerances.

    If you are ready to get started on a healthier, more effective approach to weight loss, call Sue Decotiis, MD, today at (646) 462-3046. You can also explore all the services offered through our Manhattan weight loss practice by clicking on the link and visiting our website.

    Does the African Mango Diet Really Work?

    Last updated 11 months ago

    There are many diets that make big claims in terms of how much weight you can lose and how easy the diet is to follow. The African Mango Diet is one program that might sound too good to be true, but it has actually been shown to be highly effective for significant weight loss.

    In this video, you can hear about the qualities of the African mango that make it so helpful for weight loss. This fruit helps to boost metabolism, cleanse the body, and promote proper digestion. There are some minor side effects that can occur if African mango extract is used improperly, however, so it is important to seek medical guidance before beginning the African Mango Diet.

    You can start a physician-guided program with African mango and other super food-sourced supplements by calling Dr. Sue Decotiis for a weight loss consultation today. You can reach our Manhattan office online or at (646) 462-3046.

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